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What is this site for?

  • Supplemental study tool for learning to read simplified chinese.
  • Allows you to study flashcard decks for HSK and other sets of words.

What are spaced repetition flashcards?

  • Every time you get a flashcard correct, it will have a longer delay before it is shown again.
  • Incorrect responses will reduce the delay between attempts.
  • By increasing this space between attempts, it will move the flashcard from short term to long term memory.
  • Higher level cards will be shown before lower level cards on average, allowing you to master known cards.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't use this site alone, find quality lessons online and supplement those lessons by studying along with that progression.
  • Review all the cards first, and try to memorize as much as you can.
  • Review the cards more frequently at first to move known cards up to higher levels.
  • Skip cards that you are completely unfamiliar with, this will remove the card from the pool for an hour, allowing you to attempt cards you are more familiar with.