5/5 - Yoyo Chinese

The best site for the price. But requires a financial commitment.

Flashcard Decks

10 - Media Formats and Quality - Videos, audio, text, natural language

  •  Great devs, continually adding more content.
  •  Well organized and very functional site.
  •  Tons and tons of content.

8 - Interactive Content - Games, quizzes, flashcards

  • The quizzes are fantastic, the flashcards seem good although i don't really understand how it works, it should be more explicit, and there aren't really any games.
  • It looks like the flashcards use spaced repetition, and are broken into smaller chunks which are great for learning.
  • I recommend using flashcards on this site, while you take the yoyochinese.com class.

10 - Learning Progression - Achievements, stats, progression of content

  •  They have gamified the process of learning Chinese
  •  Completing a lesson with a perfect score and earning a gold medal is very rewarding
  •  I am motivated to complete every lesson and make progress across the 6 courses split up into easily digestable levels and units, containing thousands of lessons.
  •  Lessons are short enough to complete, and progression moves at a good speed, building on top of other content.

10 - Teacher Quality

  • Yoyo is awesome. She is expressive, engaging, and passionate. It's very easy to follow her lessons with interest., 

6 - Price

  • If they had the current pricing system, this score would be higher, but as they went through several payment methods, starting with a monthly fee, then paying for individual classes, then finally adding a lifetime membership option.
  • It would have been great to have the lifetime membership option from the beginning, although they did offer a discount to upgrade.

10 - Overall

  • A little expensive for existing students, especially those of us who are taking our time and paid for the monthly membership initially, then paid for multiple classes individually, then paid for the lifetime membership. I wish there was a bigger discount for existing students. I paid $200 for lifetime membership to this site with a discount code, and I think was absolutely worth it.
  • Yoyo and her team know how people learn, and deliver the lessons in a variety of well delivered content, covering all aspects of the language, for effectively and efficiently teaching Chinese.
  • Lesson Structure (Is it progressive, are different lessons built on top of each other, does it encourage coming back and staying on track)
  • Teaching Quality (How good is the lessons, do they just talk in a monotone, do they use mnemonics and explain)